Method of preparation of nitric acid

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تهيه اسيد نيتريك

With the gradual increase of population and more need for agricultural products, the consumption of chemical fertilizers in the country is increasing day by day. This increase in consumption was the main reason for the establishment of petrochemical complexes in some parts of Iran. This increase in consumption was the main reason for the establishment of petrochemical complexes in some parts of Iran.

The idea of creating a petrochemical industry in Iran is about 45 years old, to achieve this goal, various organizations have been created in different ministries. The first relatively organized organization for this purpose was a chemical company affiliated with the Ministry of Economy. The main activity of this company was the establishment of Marvdasht Fars chemical fertilizer factory in 1338. Until in 1343, according to the law, all activities that were carried out as the creation and development of petrochemical industries by affiliated units of ministries and various government organizations, were concentrated in the National Iranian Oil Company and the company to achieve this goal a subsidiary called the company Established the National Petrochemical Industries.

The main goal of this company is to produce petrochemical and chemical products and by-products of oil, oil derivatives, natural gases and other raw materials, both organic and inorganic. One of the production units of the National Petrochemical Company is Shiraz Petrochemical Complex, whose products are mostly fertilizers needed for agriculture, mainly nitrogen fertilizers.

In the past, nitrogen deficiency was compensated by one of the following methods:

۱- Burying the corpses of animals or rotten leaves of plants in the ground

۲- Mixing animal or bird droppings with soil

۳- Intermittent cultivation of some plants such as clover, alfalfa and beans in the desired land.

preparation of nitric acid

Ease of using chemical fertilizers to expand agriculture is the main use of these fertilizers. Shiraz Petrochemical Complex, as the first unit of Iran’s petrochemical industry, in 1342 began its work with the production of nitrogen chemical fertilizers in Marvdasht Fars, which is one of the agricultural hubs of the country. . This complex is located 5 km west of Marvdasht and 50 km north of Shiraz next to the Ker River and the road leading to it at the location of Pol-e Khan branches from the Shiraz-Marvdasht road. The complex initially had 4 production units and 3 ancillary units. The production units of the complex are ammonia, urea, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate and ancillary units are water, electricity, steam and compressed air.





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