Namti Gostar Chemical Company Mamtir
Namti Gostar Chemical Company Mamtir
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Mazandaran-Babol-Babkenar Industrial City-Plot B / 14

۲۴/۷ hour response



Company working hours: 7:30 to 19:30


about company:

Nami Gostar Mamtir Chemical Company (NGCM) in order to perform scientific and laboratory services, research activities, industrial consulting, production of technical knowledge, formulation and technical knowledge, solving process problems of industries, accepting and carrying out research projects required by the country’s industries and production Chemicals that are not produced in Iran and are needed by the country’s industries have been established.

The market research team of this company, by conducting research in various industries and visiting domestic and foreign exhibitions, received the needs of the industries, and after the initial review, assessed the possibility of implementing the design and production, and if there is the ability to implement the design in the company, the team Expert research is entrusted and after laboratory production and initial quality confirmation by industries, it is referred to the materials industrialization department for production, so that the equipment needed for the production line can be determined, designed, purchased or manufactured, and after production is presented to the desired industries.

The company hopes to take a small step towards the country’s self-sufficiency.

Company sections:

1- Laboratory     ۲- Semi-industrial construction equipment      ۳-Production department
۴- Administrative and admission    ۵- Research section 6- Technical section

Services of Nami Gostar Chemical Company Mamtir

Alkaline and industrial acid degreasers

Domestic and industrial criminals

Glass cleaner

Silicone refractory grease

Silicone fabric softener

Oxygen absorber solution

The words of the manager

Javad Nami Chamazi

We have been together with other friends since 2004 so that together we can produce products in our city of Babylon and we can make our country self-sufficient in producing products that we have always been dependent on other countries.

Now we are with you, our dear compatriots, and by producing quality products, we present it to our honorable people of Iran; Quality products with the necessary standards.

You can easily order the products you need through this site and get them delivered to our dear Iran as soon as possible.

All of you dear ones can visit the company’s exhibition and benefit from your comments and suggestions.

With the famous team of Mamtir Chemical Gostar You solve some industrial problems You will help your country to be self-sufficient. You will own the highest quality products.

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Price guarantee The best market price
Excellent support ۲۴ hours , 7 days a week
Refund In case of dissatisfaction
Originality of goods From the top brands
Fast delivery In the shortest time possible
  • چربیگیر صنعتی
  • Glass cleaner
  • Boiler protection solution
  • Green polyphosphate rock
  • Discoloration 33%
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